I currently work as a Senior Front End Developer at Ryan Financial. I specialize in Node.js and all things JavaScript. However, I have worked with many different technologies over the years including C#, PHP, Java, and Elixir. I am passionate about technology and love to learn and experiment.

Music is another passion of mine. I have been a musician for more than half my life and play regularly with my band, Grizzly Derringer. Music and programming are very complimentary as it turns out and I have been able to apply lessons I've learned in one to the other. I approach both with equal passion and I don't see that changing until they put me in the ground.

I live in Burbank with my wife and step daughter and I try to disconnect when I am with them. That part is a work in progress but getting better. Without family, none of the rest of it matters.

All opinions expressed on this site are my own.